Agriplast finds itself in the middle of a complex scenario in which several actors play a specific role. Each of them carries out expectations and needs, but let us analyse them one by one:



Our CUSTOMERS are willing to buy products, which comply with national and international standards. Our products have to satisfy the advertised quality specifications and they need to be delivered on time. Our customers expectation are explicitly defined in the selling agreement and the price payment corresponds to their full satisfaction.

The END USERS are willing to receive a product, which is in line with their expectation, and, at the same time, it is safe to use. In order to achieve that, the end user is willing to pay to our customer the price tag of our product. Since their needs and expectations are not always explicitly defined, it is our duty to interpret and transform them into future standards.

Our EMPLOYEES look forward to work in a proper and safe environment and desire to grow in a business-friendly place where technical skills, as well as professional ones, are fully exploited to make a brilliant career in the sector. It is our managers responsibility to look after our employees growth capabilities and address them according to the company’s business strategy.

Our INVESTORS, in agreement with the rest of the scenario, are willing to reach specific economical targets and their expectations are explicitly expressed during the strategic definitions of the business models within the company.

PUBLIC ENTITIES are expecting AGRIPLAST to comply with the actual regulations in terms of quality and safety and they duly manifest their interest throughout the necessary random control.

ASSOTIATIONS and UNIONS are expecting the fulfilment of the national agreement and the health safety of the employees.

Our MISSION can be therefore summarized by viewing these four terms:

  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Research
  • Innovation

These are the basic principles we are inspired by when working on our products.

The state-of-the-art applied technology and a tight collaboration between our commercial and technical department, our customers, our end-users and distributors allow us for a steady and solid growth. Thus, we are constantly aiming to confirm our leadership in an ever-growing and global market.

Each time all the actors in this scenario are satisfied, our quality targets are granted.